9 Exact Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Your Business


In the present time, the competition in online business is at its peak. Targeting the right customer and generating more sales is a difficult task for business owners.

There are different techniques people are using to target real audience, to increase sales, generate more profit, and maintain their business profile. Running a blog is one of them.

But what is the purpose of a blog for a business? Why should you start a business blog?

Read this post completely to get an answer to all these questions regarding the importance of blogging for business.

What is the Purpose of Blogging for Business?

If you have a business, then you should have a blog. There are a lot of advantages of blogging, and it is the perfect thing to target real clients, engage them, and earn more profit.

According to a survey, those businesses that have a blog generates 67% more sales than the business that don't have a blog. According to FactBrowser research, more than 60% of online customers from the United States said that they purchased a product as a result of reading a blog post with good information about the product.

So don't ignore the importance of blogging for your business at any cost. Just stop thinking and start a blog right now.

There are a lot of other benefits of blogging for business. The following are 9 reasons why exactly your business needs a blog.

1. Provides Details About Your Business

Just like a manual with the product you purchased from a store, a blog can also provide a complete guide to the customer.

A Blog is a direct communication channel between you and your customer, which provides complete details about your product or your service to satisfy your client for what he wants.

It also provides a great opportunity to explain insights into your product or your service, i.e you can describe some hidden features of your product or special components of the service you offer.

Another benefit of blogging is that you can teach your customer how he can use your product or your service properly. You can also provide instructions about the use of hidden features of a product or can also tell some secrets about your service.

2. Increase Organic Traffic

The more blog content you have, the more visibility of your business will be on search engines and social media. It causes the customers to find your business easily using these channels even if you are not marketing.

You can also drive more traffic to your business website by providing how-to guides and tips and tricks to your audience on your blog. It helps you to catch the audience's attention a lot. It will also help you target more audience by providing useful knowledge for free.

3. Increase Social Exposures

A blog helps you to maintain an active social media profile for your business. You just need to share some interesting fresh content on your social media platforms and wait for the feedback.

If you provide good quality content to social media users, your audience will not only share that but also follow you in back.

Remeber, while publishing the content to social media platforms, make sure it is easy to discover for social media users. You can use hashtags for this purpose, the best function of social media platforms allow you marketing for free.

You can also join different groups and communities to share your content with people. But that should be relevant and specific to that topic so that the community members feel comfortable to give a look to your work.

4. Build Some Authority to Brand

A blog having well written fresh content will not only drive more traffic to your business but also increase your brand’s authority over the web. If you have more quality content on your blog, it will get more shares on the internet, which will give a signal that your business is trusted in this industry. Even you will get more brand mentions and more backlinks for your content, which will increase your brand’s authority in the eyes of search engines, resulting in more organic traffic.

More visibility also helps to make a place for your brand in the minds. And more popular brands are always considered to be more authoritative.

5. Show Your Expertise

Anybody who wants to get online service, he never wants to either get scammed or get a low-quality service. He always wants to choose an industry expert, to which he can trust that he will not drown my money.

If you have a good blog, you can share your knowledge and experience with it. It will leave a good impression to your audience that you have good knowledge in the field and you are an industry expert.

Another fact, naturally a person who gets to learn from someone regularly, he considers that person a perfect mentor. It will also help you to show yourself an expert in the industry.

6. Increase Trustworthiness

When you share your knowledge on your blog, customers start considering you as an expert in your field. It makes your business more trustworthy.

If you provide in-depth guides related to your industry, it convinces the customers that you have excellent knowledge and you are the perfect choice for them.

Similarly, If you share some past experiences on your blog, it shows your expertise in the industry. Even bad past experiences will cause an increase in trust, as a customer can understand that you know what you should not do and what is perfect for a specific task.

A blog can also help your business increasing trust because if a blog has more content, then it will be more visible. If you are regularly providing a good piece of content, then you'll get a large number of followers on Social Media. More followers mean more people trust you, and, of course, to whom more people trust, cannot scam.

7. Engage Customers

A good quality blog having useful content attracts the audience. For example, you are running a marketing agency, and you are also sharing some marketing secrets on your blog. Then, the customers who want to get a marketing service for their product will also show interest in learning some secrets to self promote their product.

Similarly, some businesses attract customers by offering a discount for a specific product on their blog. As a result, they get more customers and earn more profit than routine.

People also love to work in a learning environment. If you have a blog and you teach your audience something through your blog, then it can convert your audience into your customer.

Another way to attract an audience is by sharing case studies or helpful guides on your blog. In this way, your audience will get inspired by your business, and most probably, you'll get some new clients.

8. Generate More Profit

If you have a good traffic blog, then you can earn more profit using some smart tricks.

A high traffic blog can provide you more customers in general. For example, if a business without a blog has 500 daily viewers, and only 1% purchase a product, that's mean they are getting just 5 customers per day. But if a website with a blog getting 10,000 daily viewers, and just 0.1% (10 times lesser) purchase a product, it's mean that they are getting 50 customers per day (10x to the website without a blog). OK!

In simple words, the more people come to your website, the more number of customers your business will get. And a blog can help you with achieving this goal smartly.

You can also add a CTA (Call-To-Action) in your blog post, which can convert your audience into a customer. But your Call-To-Action should be precise and good enough to provide value to the customer.

Another great way to earn money by a high traffic blog is to monetize it. Yes! You can monetize your blog using different advertising companies i.e. Google Adsense. It will give a boost to your daily income. But remember, keep away from irrelevant and low-quality ads, that can not only irritate your audience but can also cause a drop in trustworthiness. Make use of content filtering features to do so.

9.Maintain Quality

As I stated earlier, a blog is a two-way conversation between a business owner and a customer. It will not only allow you to share information but also allow your audience to speak.

Your reader can talk you using comments on the blog or a discussion in a community on Socia Media. You can get to know about issues regarding your product or service and can find out customer problems.

It will also keep you up-to-date and help you continue improving your product to keep your customer happy. Using this method, you can resolve issues within time and impress your audience with support regarding your business.

There are also a lot of benefits to having a blog for a business. Remember, it is one of the best opportunities online businesses can avail. And the best thing is, it will also teach you a lot and help you improve yourself day by day.

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